Artwork of the Land Artwork of the Land The Land 2008 The Land during LFB 44887842 Kevins Watch This is Kevins Watch and the Mithil River. 53910559 Melenkurion Skyweir/Kevins Watch when I did a flip on this Image it looked much more to me how I would see the Western Range from Kevins Watch 125774129 Kevins Watch TC and Lena this is a perspective view of Kevins Watch as Lena Climbs to greet Thomas Covenant. 53911809 Southron Range 40 leagues SE of Mithil Stonedown 46517053 Stonedownor Prison Thomas Covenant in Mithil Stonedowns Holding cell "The Wounded Land" 46517061 Linden Avery... the Chosen Glimmermere 46517056 Charging the Sandwall Noms Second Summons 46517055 Starefares Gem Sealevel the Drommond entering the Isle of the Elohim 46517057 Starfares Gem Hawks View just another angle 46517062 Coercri Lighthouse Seaview view of the Sunbirth Sea from the Lighthouse 46517058 Coercri Gathering Hall Main Gathering Hall in Coercri... In progress still 46517064 Coercri Spring This is Coercri 46995946 Coercri - Fouls Winter This is Coercri during Foul's Winter 46995947 Staff-Rukh Lords Blue Fire, Clave Rukh Fire 46994675 Arrival of the Quest at the Isle of the One Tree Covered In Fog Before Brinn Won Passage to the Island. 49189659 Dawn After the Mist Cleared. After Brin won Passage The Clouds and Mist cleared. 49189660 The One Tree This is the cavern of the One Tree. The characters, tree shading and the Root system hand drawn in photoshop with an intuos 4 Tablet. the rest was bryce 64208739 Santonins Sacrifice Moments before Thomas Covenant turns him to ash with Wild Magic. 46517054 Mhoram Hand Sketch of Mhoram 46517060 NOM the is my first attempt at NOM of Sandgorgons Doom. 46517063 Winhome Gay 56883113 AATE Trailer Widescreen this is the Artwork that was used in the Against All Things Ending Trailer for Stephen R Donaldson. 1900x1200 66936946 AATE Trailer Standard this is just a slightly cropped version for anyone wanting to use it as a Wallpaper on a Standard Screen. 1600x1200 66936947 Xmas in Andelain This is a Christmas piece I created. 170500109 The Last Dark Trailer Trailer Artwork for The Last Dark by Stephen R Donaldson 179658803